About 70s Music Hits

This site has what we consider to be the 100 best 70s songs. They are on this list by virtue of a number of factors such as popularity, chart success and durability.

All the songs on this list are still popular today and many are regularly used in television spots and played on a variety of oldies radio stations.

Their lives have extended beyond the 70s and they have become timeless and enduring songs.

You can take a look at these songs on sites such as YouTube and you will see that lots of people are still listening to them.

Compiling The List

Best of lists can be compiled based on different factors but this list takes a variety of things into consideration.

It is not based solely on one factor such as chart success, how many copies have been sold or how many times the songs have been played.

It combines these various factors to end up with a final placing for each song.

So you will find songs that stayed on the charts for months and months besides songs that have been covered hundreds of times and inspired thousands of musicians.

Can't Have Them All

This list could easily have been the 500 greatest 70s songs or more - that's how much great music there was. However we've kept it short to 100 so that you will take a look at all these songs and remind yourself just how great they are.

You might even have your own favourite 70s hits and wonder where they will be on this list or even if they will be in the list at all.

You will find out shortly, but whether they are here or not we can guarantee the songs that are here are good ones!

You will also enjoy them as much as ever as you listen to them now in the new millennium!

All The Way To Number 1

So which song are you betting on being at number 1? Perhaps you are a fan of Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones and are backing one of their songs.

Or perhaps a soul group or singer could take the top spot. What do you think? Who do you expect to see in the top 10 and will they be there?

Which songs are truly great 70s songs and which ones have been left behind and forgotten in the 70s?

There's only one way to find out...

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